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Water Saving Services

STOP wasting water—START saving money!

NOI Enhancements can lower your water and sewer bills 25% to 65%.

Go Green! Treat your tenants to beautiful, high-performance plumbing fixtures that perform like a dream, while using much less water.

No need to wait for vacancies—no loss in rental income. Our expert technicians can service dozens of occupied units a day.

We quickly and quietly install your new, high-efficiency toilets, water-saving tub and shower fixtures, and sink faucet aerators in bathrooms and kitchens.

All work is performed under the direct supervision of our dedicated management team.

What are you waiting for?


How we help YOU save

The NOI Enhancements Process

It starts with listening and learning.

  • We meet with you to understand your goals and vision.
  • We survey your site to assess your needs and analyze your water usage patterns.
  • We consider the local market conditions, and work with you to establish your budget.
  • We determine the project scope and plan the allocation of manpower and resources.

We crunch the numbers.

  • We deliver a full water usage report and analysis.
  • We provide an action plan and reliable savings projections.
  • We select the best products for your needs and budget, and prepare a detailed quote.
  • Together, we finalize the project scope and timeline.

Time to roll up the sleeves!

  • We procure the new equipment, storing it onsite or nearby for rapid deployment to the job site.
  • Our work crews and supervisors arrive, and a highly coordinated installation process begins.
  • Servicing dozens of occupied units every day, we install your new fixtures and hardware.
  • We remove and dispose of your old plumbing hardware, and leave your property spotless.

Start enjoying immediate savings and enhanced net operating income!


“The water and energy savings add up so fast!”

–Neil M., Property Manager, Dallas, Tx

New toilets use up to 75% less water per powerful flush

Each low-flow shower-head saves about 2900 gallons / year

Faucet aerators use 50% less water with consistent flow


We are proud to share these success stories with you.

The Life at Lakeview College Park, Georgia
326 Units | BOD: 1973
Card image cap
Water Use Reduction: 54%
Annual Savings: $72,454.28
Property Value Increase:


Loch Raven Apartments Towson, Maryland
492 Units | BOD: 1949
Card image cap
Water Use Reduction: 39%
Annual Savings: $117,802.56
Property Value Increase:


Bristol Park Apartments Jackson, Mississippi
152 Units | BOD: 2001
Card image cap
Water Use Reduction: 22%
Annual Savings: $23,377.79
Property Value Increase:


Park Fairfax and Colonial Place Charlotte, Norrth Carolina
275 Units | BOD: 1971
Card image cap
Water Use Reduction: 39%
Annual Savings: $63,909.70
Property Value Increase:


Executive Towers Parma Heights, Ohio
180 Units | BOD: 1963
Card image cap
Water Use Reduction: 41%
Annual Savings: $76,626.21
Property Value Increase:



Niagara Toilets

High-efficiency. High performance. Contemporary, transitional or classic styles.

These 0.8 gallon per flush (GPF) toilets:

Use 75% less water than pre-1994 3.5 GPF toilets

Use 50% less water than Federal standard 1.6 GPF toilets

Use 40% less than standard Water Sense-certified high efficiency toilets

Use 75% less water than pre-1994 3.5 GPF toilets



Original Stealth


Flow Control

Bathroom faucet aerators. Kitchen sink spray / aerators. Showerheads.

There’s no compromise. We install the finest green technology fixtures.

  • Beautiful, durable, ultra-high-efficiency (UHET) hardware.
  • Fewer gallons per minute (GPM) with no loss of pressure.
  • Saves on water, sewer, and water heating bills.
  • 0.5 GPM bath faucets, 1.0 GPM kitchen fixtures spray/stream combo or classic styles.
  • 1.25 & 1.5 GPM showerheads in drenching waterfall and multi-spray styles.

Don’t Waste Any More Money!

Investing in water-saving plumbing fixtures for your multi-unit property is a smart decision for investors looking to save on water bills while also benefiting tenants and the environment.

Slash those high water bills! We provide a turnkey solution that’s customized to meet your specific needs.

Let's work together to make it happen.

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