Save energy and go green with fast, expert installation.

Energy Savings

Your Tenants Deserve the Best.

Better lighting and comfort, with power bill reductions of 15% or more.

We're dedicated to helping multi-unit property owners and investors get the most out of their properties. Our innovative LED bulb or fixture replacement and smart thermostat solutions are an inexpensive way to save money and enhance property value.

Best of all: these improvements can be made in occupied units without inconveniencing residents.

You Deserve to Pay Less.

Think you can’t afford LED upgrades?

LED bulbs and fixtures last 2 – 12 years (depending on service environment) and are 20% more efficient than previous-generation compact fluorescent bulbs.

LED lighting prices keep dropping—over 80% since 2016—and their long life means fewer costly service calls.

Heating and cooling only when it’s needed!

Smart thermostats learn usage patterns, power down when not needed, and keep tenants comfy while cutting your costs.

With typical working families, The US Department of Energy estimates energy cost savings as high as 10%.

“I’ve saved $3,600 on maintenance costs alone!”

–Maintenance Supervisor, Charlotte, NC

Save 15% - 40% with LED bulbs or fixtures

Energy Star smart thermostats average 8% savings

Beautiful and functional fixtures and task lighting

LEDs and Your Bottom Line

LED Upgrades Enhance Property Values

A typical LED retrofit on a 10-year-old property:

  • Achieves ROI of 30% to 40% or more, with payback in 2 - 4 years
  • Reduces energy costs 15% - 40%
  • Cuts operating expenditures 5% - 10%
  • Enhances property value 5% - 15%
  • Immediately increases net operating income (NOI)
  • Creates market advantage vs. unimproved competitors

Maximize tenant satisfaction and NOI

Market conditions and prices may fluctuate, but why delay?

Start right now to reduce your energy bills, improve tenant retention, and increase your property value.

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