We’re NOI Enhancements

We work with large multifamily residential and hospitality owners, investors and operators to enhance net operating income, increase cap rate, and improve property values.

  • We cut your water bills, slash energy costs, and help you go green.
  • We enhance the safety, security and beauty of your buildings and grounds, inside and out.
  • We improve resident satisfaction and help reduce occupancy turnover, help increase your property’s market value and earn you the rental rates you deserve.

Our tech crews are capable of performing dozens of installations per day.

No income disruption!

We work in occupied units.

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Turnkey Service, Coast to Coast!

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Serving the entire continental United States

Our professional service teams travel to your site, and work under the careful supervision of our dedicated leadership team

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


Water Conservation

Stop leaking operating income!

We install high-efficiency fixtures that use up to 75% less water than older models, while providing quiet, dependable service.
Installation is quick and clean, and we do it in occupied units!

High-Efficiency Toilets

Water-Saving Showerheads

Low-flow Faucet Aerators

Interior LEDs

Smart Thermostats

Exterior Lighting

Lighting and Energy

Brighten living spaces. Lower energy costs. Dramatically improve appearance.

We enhance your occupants’ quality of life while reducing utility overhead.

Our state-of-the-art LED lighting helps you go green and quickly pays for itself.

LED retrofits, high-efficiency light fixtures, and smart thermostats, installed in upwards of 50 units per day.

Exterior illumination that saves energy, beautifies your property, enhances safety, and increases security.

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Light Renovations

These value-adding features pay for themselves!

We work right in your occupied units, and install new home hardware to increase the beauty, functionality, and desirability of your property.

Your residents will love the improvements—and you’ll love the increased rental rates and property values.

Window Treatments

Efficient Appliances

HVAC Vent Covers

USB/GFI Outlets

Door/Cabinet Hardware

Smoke/CO Detectors

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We’re proud of our reviews!

Here’s what our customers say:

Getting a flawless execution on a complicated job amazes me and deserves praise! NOI Enhancements just completed a very complex job cutting vanity counters for every unit and then installing more than 600 toilets. This was a well planned, perfectly executed job, and we anticipate saving $20,000 a month on our water bills!
Nachi Rubin, Avenium
Over the past five years, our company has installed thousands of toilets throughout the Midwest using an amazing team at NOI Enhancements. Not only do we save tons of money from water savings. We also have a hidden savings of no longer having to buy toilet repair material. They are truly the toilet replacement ninjas of the US. It is a super quick, efficient and clean process. There was no disturbance to regular operations or resident utilities.
Moshe Sherizan, Loop Investments
I highly recommend NOI Enhancements for any projects for your residential properties! Joel came to my property personally and made sure everything was perfectly to my liking. Mordy and his crew were very pleasant to work with as well!
Shelby LeBoeuf
NOI’s Installation team came to my property with professionalism and efficiency! I highly recommend using NOI Enhancements for your projects!
Max Hemsworth

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Our pledge to you:

Speedy turnkey service, consistent quality, reliable value, and fast ROI on your investment.

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