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Exterior Lighting

We Make You Shine.

Upgrade to stylish, durable and weatherproof exterior light fixtures to increase your property’s “curb appeal” and enhance its market value.

Well-lit courtyards, common areas, and breezeways create warm, inviting spaces for your tenants to enjoy.

Protect your investment with new or upgraded security, safety, & emergency lighting.

Glow up!

We offer exterior lighting fixtures with a wide variety of styles, features, and functions to highlight the natural beauty of your property and create a safe, warm and inviting exterior.

“I used to worry about my property’s safety and security. Not anymore.”

–Moshe Strauss,
Director of Property Management,
Buckhurst Properties

Carports, breezeways and porticos

Sidewalks and courtyards

Parking lots and roadways

So Many Benefits!

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  • LED exterior lighting save 30% over HID and other systems.
  • Sensor-activated doorway lights can work together to economically illuminate walkways.
  • Brightly-lit footpaths and vehicular traffic areas enhance resident safety, reduce your exposure to premises liability, and can deter crime and vandalism up to 21%.
  • LED-based exterior lighting can greatly increase the market value of your property due to energy savings and enhanced visual appearance.

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